What Are the Real Names of Famous Wrestlers?


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Ted DiBiase rose to professional wrestling fame as The Million Dollar Man. However, Ted DiBiase wasn't even this wrestler's original name, because he started life as Theodore Marvin Wills. Among other big-time wrestlers with pseudonyms, The Undertaker is really Mark David Calaway, and The Rock is actually Dwayne Johnson.

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Born in 1954 in Omaha, Nebraska, the child who became The Million Dollar Man was the adopted son of pro wrestler "Iron" Mike DiBiase. Ted DiBase began his own wrestling career as a fan favorite but quickly switched sides to become a heel. After entering the World Wrestling Federation in the late 1980s, The Million Dollar Man employed a valet called Virgil (previously Soul Train Jones) and stayed in the ring for the next 10 years. The Million Dollar Man storyline captivated onlookers at a time when Hulk Hogan's WWF championship days waned.

Mark Calaway first appeared in the WWF in 1990 as Ted DiBiase's mystery partner in The Survivor Series. From 1991 through 2002, Calaway won the WWF World Title on four separate occasions, taking it two times from Hulk Hogan. As of 2013, The Undertaker was worth $16 million, and he holds a record in the professional wrestling world with a win-loss mark of 20-0.

Dwayne Johnson, worth $70 million, spent his college years playing for the University of Miami football team. Johnson went on to win 10 professional wrestling championship titles, capturing the Intercontinental Championship twice. Johnson followed his wrestling career by acting in films such as "The Scorpion King."

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