How Do You Read a Remington 1100 Part Diagram?


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The Remington 1100 part diagram starts at the back of the gun; this is the stock. Moving forward is the receiver and the trigger with the safety mechanism. The top of the gun contains the breech bolt, followed by the ejection port, which is right behind the barrel. Located underneath the barrel are the fore-end and magazine cap. At the front of the barrel is the front sight, followed by the muzzle.

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Arguably, the most important part of the Remington 1100 is the safety mechanism. It is a button located just behind the trigger that, when engaged, stops the gun from accidentally firing. The safety is engaged when the red band marking is unable to be seen. While the safety is meant to prevent the gun from firing, it can, under some circumstances, fail. Always keep fingers safely away from the trigger until ready to fire.

Before firing a gun, the barrel must be clean and unobstructed. To ensure this, engage the safety and move the operating handle toward the back of the gun so the bolt is open. Put a cleaning rod into the muzzle, and thread it through until it emerges through the ejection port. The rod dislodges any debris and leaves the gun ready to fire.

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