How Do You Read a Public Hunting Map?


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Public hunting maps depict the basic geography of the area, along with any federal or state designations relating to wildlife and game. The maps also include boundaries between private land and public areas so hunters do not accidentally trespass onto another’s property. Highways are typically drawn in red and marked with their state or federal number.

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Each public hunting area is identified by the agency that owns or maintains it. Game Production Areas are dedicated to producing a diverse range of wildlife species. Each GPA may have its own preferred species due to the needs of the area. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-owned Waterfowl Production Areas are intended to promote the growth of waterfowl, but may also house other species. The U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management also maintain areas that are open for public hunting.

Public hunting is permitted in these areas to keep the wildlife population under control. Before traveling to any location on the map, consult with the local governing agency to find out if there are any specific hunting or land use regulations that apply to the area. Many agencies provide hunting maps with relevant land use rules and a list of the available facilities to assist hunters in planning their trips.

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