How Do You Read Lunar Fishing Tables?


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You read the solunar table for anglers by taking into account the tide, sunrise and sunset. These factors determine the best time for fishing and are recorded on the solunar table. By reading these times and showing up at your favorite fishing spot, you increase your odds for a bite.

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The solunar table actually records two values for the best fishing times, and these are called the major and minor feeding period times. The major lasts around two hours, and the minor lasts around an hour. Some tables actually record the peak of the major and minor feeding times, so a prudent angler would show up an hour early for the major feeding period and also stay an hour after. Likewise, the angler would show up a half an hour early for a minor feeding period and stay a half an hour after. Other tables record the full peak period for both the major and minor feeding times.

However, other factors must be taken into consideration. If there is a cold front, you may still get lucky if the temperature drop isn't too severe during the pre-front and actual front. Post-front, though, fish are less likely to nibble. A strong rain also inhibits fish, although they usually bite again once the rain passes.

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