What Is the Ranking System for Junior College Football?

National Junior College Athletic Association, or NJCAA, rankings are a product of the NJCAA Football Poll Committee and NJCAA Football Computer Rankings, where points are awarded to teams based on season performance and strength of schedule; teams are ranked accordingly as of 2016. Fans can view the latest rankings by visiting Njcaa.org and selecting Football from the Sports header then Rankings at the following page.

The most current list of the top 20 NJCAA football teams are displayed on the following page. Rankings include the home state of the institution, ranking points accumulated and the team's ranking in the previous poll. The number of first place votes are indicated in parentheses. Fans can use the drop-down menus to view polls from previous weeks and past seasons.

As of 2016, there are 66 member schools fielding football teams at the NJCAA level, with eight teams competing as "independents" with no conference affiliation and the remainder spread across seven conferences of anywhere from three to 14 teams.

Fans can also see how their teams stack up against the competition through the Standings header, which displays the overall and conference records of each school by conference. The Scores link can be used to get caught up to all the latest NJCAA football action.