What Races Are Held at the Dillon Motor Speedway?

What Races Are Held at the Dillon Motor Speedway?

The Dillon Motor Speedway hosts a wide variety of automotive races for different types of vehicles and associations, including Mid-Atlantic Street Stock, Late Models, Super Trucks, Chargers, Street Stock and Pure Stock classes, as of 2015. The speedway also hosts races for UCAR and the Carolina Eastern Mini Cup Association.

The MASS and CEMCA racing associations hold a yearly series of races with individual winners and a cumulative champion for the racing season. Many of the other races held are weekly events and provide individual race winners only.

Late Model race cars are 1970 to 2015 model year vehicles with wheelbases of at least 103 inches. All cars have strict rules on modifications, and the track makes adjustments for weight and carburetors to ensure that they are equal in performance ability.

Super Truck races use 1996 to 2014 model vehicles with 112-inch wheelbase minimums. These trucks can have significant professional alterations to appearance. The engines, however, can only be standard production Chevy 350s, Ford 351s or Chrysler 360s plus overbore.

The Charger class features Dodge Challenger and Charger car models, while the Pure Stock class emulates larger stock car races. Street Stock entries are vehicles from 1960 to 2015 with four-, six- or eight-cylinder engines.