Who Are Some Quarterbacks Who Have Won Super Bowl Titles?

Tom Brady has the most Super Bowl titles of any quarterback, with five titles. Two quarterbacks have four Super Bowl titles: Terry Bradshaw with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Joe Montana with the San Francisco 49ers. Other famous Super Bowl quarterbacks include Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Kurt Warner.

Terry Bradshaw was the first quarterback to win four Super Bowls. Bradshaw won his first title in 1975, defeating the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IX. Bradshaw won the game's MVP award in his final two Super Bowl wins, in 1979 and 1980. Joe Montana was the next quarterback to win four championships. Montana led the 49ers to their first Super Bowl win in 1982 over the Cincinnati Bengals. Montana won the MVP in three of his Super Bowls, including his last win in 1990.

Tom Brady holds the current record for the quarterback to win the most titles, at five. With the New England Patriots Brady won three Super Bowls from 2002 to 2005, followed by a fourth title in 2014 and a fifth in 2016.

As of 2015, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman is the only quarterback with three Super Bowl wins, all in the 1990s. Steve Young, quarterback of the 49ers during the 1990s, won Super Bowl XXIX with six touchdown passes, a Super Bowl record. Kurt Warner won one Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams, throwing for a record 414 yards.