What Are Some Qualities of Good Team Captains?

Good team captains are supportive, responsible, hardworking and dedicated to the success of their team, and they genuinely care about their teammates. They are first and foremost good leaders. They lead by example rather than simply bossing their teammates around. A team captain ought to be the first one on the field and the last one off. Team captains inspire, motivate, and push the entire team to do its absolute best.

Being a team captain is a very large responsibility. Because of this, some individuals are more suited to the role of a team captain than others. One of a team captain's primary responsibilities is to care for their team. The coach is there to tell everyone exactly what to do, but the captain's goal is to encourage, support and push his teammates while showing them that he truly cares for them as individuals. The best team captains are good friends to everyone on their team.

A good team captain must be willing and able to put in some extra work. Team captains must be familiar with all of the rules of the game and are responsible and mature enough to talk to the game officials should the need arise. Captains know that they represent their team and do all in their power to represent their team well.