How Do You Qualify for a NASCAR Race?


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Qualifying for a NASCAR race takes many steps. The path to joining the organization's racing circuits requires, at minimum, a NASCAR driver's license, a car, a crew and some connections.

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How Do You Qualify for a NASCAR Race?
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A NASCAR license can be obtained through the organization's national headquarters or through a NASCAR-licensed track. From there, drivers must get an approved car and hire a crew, both of which are expensive. To be successful, today's racing car drivers must possess not only an understanding of how a car's various systems work, but also business savvy.

The easiest way to secure the necessary financial backing is to make connections with well-funded team owners who can then find sponsors with deep pockets. Racing is an expensive sport, and drivers must maintain high-level sponsorships and cash flows to be successful, notes HowStuffWorks.

The next steps require a mixture of talent and luck. By entering and winning lower-level competitions, drivers gain visibility, which can help attract more sponsors and investors and increase their chances of getting a big break, says NASCAR driver Parker Kligerman.

Young people with NASCAR aspirations need to get involved with a local racetrack to begin building knowledge and experience. They can learn a lot by watching the flow of operations and can even build relationships with racing personnel who can help them later. Another critical step to racing qualification is getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle as soon as possible. Underage drivers can join a local go-kart organization to get much-needed track time, notes Motorsport.com.

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