What Are Some Facts About the Quail Hunting Season?


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Quail hunting season is an exciting time for the many hunters who enjoy the practice. Rules regulating aspects of the practice such as when and where to hunt are essential to a safe and high-yielding seasons.

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What Are Some Facts About the Quail Hunting Season?
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The dates of quail hunting seasons vary from state to state. Usually, the season ranges from mid-October to mid-February. If you are caught hunting in the off-season, you can be held liable for fines, receive a suspension, or lose equipment because hunting during the off-season is an illegal offense. Depending on the severity of the situation, you might even end up in jail. The permits required to hunt quail also differ between states. Most states require a small game permit and a hunting license. It is illegal to hunt without these qualifications, and this offense can also result in jail time. There is also a bag limit, which determines the maximum amount of quail one can harvest in a day. 12 and 20 gauge shotguns are the best types of guns for a quail hunter to carry. A trained hunting dog can be a great asset to any quail hunt, as they maximize shooting success. Dogs are able to locate quail and will stand and "point" at a location containing them.

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