How Do You Putt Better?

How Do You Putt Better?

To putt better, regularly perform putting drills. To perform this task, you need a putter, putting green and putting aids, such as distance markers. The difficulty level of this task is easy, and the time it takes to complete varies depending on the individual.

  1. Make practice putts

    Make practice putts at an object or hole placed 6 feet in front of you. Concentrate more on your technique than making the shot.

  2. Place distance markers

    Place distance markers on the practice green at 10 feet intervals up to 30 feet away.

  3. Hit balls at the markers

    Practice hitting balls, alternating your target between markers.

  4. Practice long putts

    Practice long putts, but concentrate more on your technique and controlling the distance than making the shot.

  5. Practice making long putts

    Practice actually completing the long shots. Concentrate most on getting the ball into the hole.

  6. Practice short putts

    Practice short putts, concentrating more on your technique and distance control than you do on actually making the putt.

  7. Practice making the shorter putts

    End your practice drills with practicing actually making the short putts. Concentrate most on getting the ball into the hole. Ending with short putts helps build confidence, which is important for improvement.

  8. Repeat the process

    Repeat the process regularly until your putting improves.