How Do You Put a New Grip on a Cricket Bat?

To replace the grip on a cricket bat, remove the old grip, wind the new grip around a cone grip applicator, roll it down and then roll it back over the cricket bat handle. Players can also replace the grip without a cone, but this can be a tricky process.

To put on a new grip on a cricket bat using a cone grip applicator, use the following steps.

  1. Remove the old grip
  2. To remove the old grip, roll it up the bat, starting at the bottom and working towards the top. Players can also cut off old grips.

  3. Add the new grip to the cone applicator.
  4. Slip the new grip onto the cone. Starting at the top, roll the grip downwards. When the grip is completely rolled up, it should resemble a donut.

  5. Apply the new grip to the handle
  6. Attach the bottom part of the cone to the top of the bat handle. Work the rolled grip downwards until it reaches the bottom of the handle where the blade starts. Keep the grip rolled up while working it down the handle. When the new grip is in the right position, unroll the grip working upwards to the top of the handle, ensuring that it is evenly distributed on the handle.