How Do You Put Backspin on a Golf Ball?

How Do You Put Backspin on a Golf Ball?

Hitting behind the ball with a steep plane is the key to putting backspin on a golf ball. Before implementing backspin in your next round, practice the shot in the fairway with a 60-degree wedge.

  1. Alter your stance

    With a 60-degree flop wedge, narrow your normal shoulder-width-apart stance by about 1/3 of an inch, and position the ball closer to your back foot. This forces you to strike down on the ball, which is key to creating backspin.

  2. Execute a steep swing

    Execute a steeper swing plane relative to your normal stroke. Accelerate hard on your down swing at a steep angle, and focus on striking the ball first. Focus on striking directly underneath the ball before taking a long, shallow divot in front of your ball. Follow through as you normally would.

  3. Know when to use backspin

    Study the best situations to use backspin. Adding spin on your golf ball allows you to position it on small greens or execute shots over bunkers, thick rough or water. Once a ball with backspin strikes land, it only takes a couple of small hops before stopping. After mastering the shot, focus on positioning the ball 15 to 20 feet past the pin.