What Is the Purpose of the Olympic Games?


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The Olympic games are held as a way of promoting good relations and tolerance among different races, cultures, nationalities and religions across the globe. The opening ceremony of the games is considered a spectacle by many since it features various displays of cultural activities and music meant to bring people together.

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One of the objectives of the Olympic Games is to create friendship among different people from across the world since this ensures people can tolerate each other regardless of tribe, religion or culture. Another objective is to allow people from different regions to showcase their talents and receive recognition for what they do. The Games are also meant to get people to talk about different challenges facing the world and how they can be solved if all people work together just like the teams that participate in the various games.

The Olympic Games bring together quite a number of countries. Some of the games that take place include volleyball, hockey, swimming, football, basketball, long jump and javelin. Each country participating produces a number of athletes to represent them in the various games. Those people who win are awarded with the first getting the gold medal, the first runner up getting the silver medal and those in third place getting the bronze medal.

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