What Is the Purpose of a Golf Buggy?

The main purpose of a golf buggy is to carry golfers and their golf bags around the course and grounds. While many golfers own and bring their own buggy to the course, most golf clubs also keep a stock of them available to rent

The term "golf buggy" is mostly used in Australia, Asia and Europe. In general, a golf buggy is a device whose main function is to transport a golfer's bags and clubs around the course. However, it can also refer to a golf cart, or car, which is designed to carry around people along with the equipment. Similarly, push carts, also called walking carts, are also commonly referred to as buggies. In fact, in a lot of places around the world the term "buggy" is strictly meant to identify a push cart.

The push cart typically has three wheels, although luxury models may feature up to four, with basic models only featuring two. Many luxury models of the cart also come with superior features like the ability to be self-propelled and/or remote-controlled. When it comes to buying a push buggy, there are numerous options available in a wide price range. Golf carts, with their wide range of amenities and features, can also be purchased.