How Do You Purify Water?

purify-water Credit: Tobiaz Titz/Getty Images

Purify water by filtering it and treating it with a small amount of liquid chlorine bleach. This takes at least 60 minutes to do. You need water, liquid chlorine bleach, a clean container, filters such as cheesecloth or coffee filters, a teaspoon and an eyedropper.

  1. Filter the water

    If the water is cloudy, filter it before purifying it. Get a coffee filter, cheesecloth or paper towel. Place the filter in a funnel. Place one end of the funnel in a clean container for water storage. Pour the water in the funnel, and wait for it to filter through.

  2. Get the right kind of chlorine bleach

    Get some liquid chlorine bleach. Do not use any bleach that contains dyes, perfumes or additives. Read the label to be sure that there are no additives and that the bleach is between 5.25 and 8.25 percent chlorine.

  3. Add the chlorine bleach to the water

    Determine how much water you have, which then determines how much bleach you need to add. For instance, 1 quart of water requires 5 drops of liquid chlorine bleach, while 1 gallon requires 20 drops or 1/4 teaspoon. Use 1 teaspoon for 5 gallons and 2 teaspoons for 10 gallons. Measure out the amount you need using an eyedropper or teaspoon, and add to the water.

  4. Mix the bleach to the water

    Thoroughly mix the bleach and water together. Wait at least 60 minutes for the bleach to purify the water before drinking.