How Is a Punch Thrown?

To throw a punch, use your weight, turn your hips in a partial rotation and propel your dominant fist toward the target. Loosen up your body and maintain your balance to throw a proper punch.

  1. Position the body

    Widen your feet to the shoulders. Bend the knees to position the hip. Make sure the left hip is pointed toward the target, and move your right hip back. Allow your weight to rest on the ball points of your feet. Turn while pivoting your right foot.

  2. Turn the hips

    Do not fully rotate the hips when throwing the punch. Turn your right hip in a partial rotation toward the target to use the most power from your legs.

  3. Throw the punch

    Position your fist with your knuckles pointing upward. While throwing the punch, rotate your fist over so that the knuckles face the target.