What Is a Pull Buoy?


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A pull buoy is a float that is placed between a swimmer's legs and used during aquatic training exercises. Swimmers use these floats to generate forward motion by solely moving their arms through the water.

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Usually, a pull buoy is placed between a swimmer's legs without any strap or attachment. By keeping their legs properly aligned, swimmers can keep the pull buoy in place. A pull buoy facilitates proper alignment and allows swimmers to improve the effectiveness of their arm stroke.

A key benefit of using pull buoys in training is the ability to isolate and strengthen specific muscle groups in the upper body while in the water. Pull buoys can also be used during certain technique drills. Because leg muscles are not used while swimming with a pull buoy, it is important to only use it for a portion of an overall workout. Coaches may complement pull buoy work with kickboard training, which focuses on exercising and strengthening the legs.

Pull buoys are very useful to triathletes or swimmers who do not have years of swimming experience and need to enhance their swimming skills. Triathletes can use pull buoys to reduce the impact of swimming on the heart when spending time in the pool after physically demanding running and bicycle work.

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