How Do You Find Free Public Swimming Pools Locally?

Find local public swimming pools that are free to use through the Parks and Recreation departments of nearby cities. Many parks departments have websites where information can be looked up about public pools.

  1. Go to the city parks department website
  2. Visit a website for the local parks department. For instance, people near Chicago can visit If the nearby city doesn't have a parks department website, try visiting the city's website. For instance, Oklahoma City's site,, features a section for their Parks and Recreation department.

  3. Search for parks and facilities
  4. Check the menu bar at the top of the website homepage for a tab on "Facilities" or "Parks." There may be a drop-down menu with sub-menu options to click on. Click on the tab and look for a link to "Pools" to click on.

  5. Check out nearby pools
  6. Scroll through the list of pools on the next page. Most cities list all of their locations with names, addresses and pool sizes. This page should also detail which pools are free and if pools are free at specific times, such as open swim periods. These lists may also include contact information, such as a phone number. Call ahead to ask pool managers any questions before going.