What Is a PSE Snake?


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The PSE Snake is a recurve bow manufactured by PSE Archery. It is one of the most popular recurve bows on the market as of 2014 due to its simplicity and suitability for a variety of archers.

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Founded in 1970 by a former Magnavox engineer, PSE is one of the largest manufacturers of archery equipment in the United States. The Snake bow is a youth model from PSE's Heritage Recurve line of bows. This type of bow was used by ancient people because of its increased power and accuracy as compared to a standard bow, and it is the only type of bow allowed in Olympic competition.

As with all recurve bows, the PSE Snake is a composite bow. Traditionally, various parts of the composite bow are made from horn, sinew and wood to increase the potential energy of the bow as compared to an all-wood construction. However, composite bows like the Snake contain parts made from fiberglass, carbon fiber, wood or aluminum.

The PSE Snake's design allows for right- or left-handed archers. The bow has a relatively light 22-pound draw weight, which is the amount of force needed to draw the bow. This makes the PSE Snake best for younger archers and those just starting out in archery.

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