What Are the Pros and Cons of the NRA?

The pros of the National Rifle Association are that it lobbies for the rights of gun owners across the United States. The cons of the NRA are that guns are a major cause of death, be it by murder, accident or suicide.

The National Rifle Association lobbies for the rights of gun owners based on the Second Amendment guarantee of "the right to keep and bear arms." This helps protect the rights of rifle, shotgun and handgun owners that use their weapons for hunting, sport and self defense. In the United States, a large numbers of criminals are armed, so owning a gun for self defense makes sense for those who feel vulnerable.

Opponents of the National Rifle Association argue that the organization enables gun-related deaths and injuries, regardless of intention. Those who oppose the proliferation of guns in American society note that many gun-related deaths are the result of momentary decisions and that the lack of a gun would have prevented those decisions from ever happening. It is also argued that the fewer guns there are in circulation, legal or not, the less likely it is that a criminal obtains a gun. There are also statistics that show fewer guns lead to fewer gun deaths.