How Do You Properly Throw a Softball?


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To properly throw a softball, grip the softball using a four-seam grip. Face the instep of your back foot toward the target and line your front foot up with your back foot. Point your glove toward the batter, lift the ball over your head, and snap your wrist to throw.

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  1. Use the four-seam grip

    Place each finger across the seam of the ball similar to a C shape, then place your thumb on the seam underneath your other fingers. Hold the softball firmly with your fingers, not your palm.

  2. Use the proper stance

    Face the instep of your back foot toward the target, and line up your front foot with your back foot. Keep your body perpendicular to your target.

  3. Prepare the throw

    Point your glove towards the batter, and lift the ball up over your head. Face your palm away from you to increase your throwing power.

  4. Throw the ball

    Pull your glove into your body while leading with your elbow. Then, bring your throwing arm over the top, and release the ball by snapping your wrist.

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