How Do You Properly Remove the Head When Hunting?


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While proper head removal of a hunted animal depends on the species, the general procedure is to remove the head by laying the animal on a flat surface, cutting the ligaments and connective tissues just under the jaw, twisting the head in a sharp motion to break the neck, and finally removing the head. In the case of a rabbit, insert a heavy knife at the base of the skull and push through the neck with a firm chopping motion.

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When removing the heads of birds and small animals, do so with a sharp instrument and one fast cutting motion. When skinning a bird, remove the skin until it is only attached at the neck and head, and then remove the skin by cutting off the head.

It is common to remove the head of a rabbit before skinning it or hanging it to drain. To next remove a rabbit’s skin, hang it by its hind legs and cut from the hock joints across the lower part of the body. After removing the tail, pull the skin down and forward. In the case of a deer, it is best to remove the skin before removing the head. Remove the skin of the deer by hand or by tying a rope to the skin at one end, and a vehicle at the other, and slowly pulling it away.

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