How Do You Properly Clean a High Standard .22 LR Pistol?


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The three parts of a High Standard .22 LR pistol that you should clean on a regular basis are the barrel and chamber, the bolt assembly, and the magazine. Perform this cleaning at least once per year.

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Cleaning is essential to keep a firearm accurate and functional. The High Standard .22 LR pistol has a removable barrel, making cleaning the barrel and chamber easy. For a .22 caliber pistol, experts recommend using a .20 or .22 caliber cleaning rod, clean cloth or patches and some solvent to clean the barrel and chamber. You also need a pierce-type jag, a stiff nylon bore brush and a utility brush.

Remove the barrel and bolt from the weapon and clean the chamber and receiver with a solvent-soaked nylon utility brush, scrubbing with force if necessary to remove residue and using cloth or patches to remove dirty solvent. Attach the jag to the cleaning rod and a solvent-soaked patch to the end of the jag to spread solvent evenly on the inside of the barrel, then replace the patch with the nylon bore brush and scrub the inside of the barrel until all residue is gone, applying more solvent to the brush as needed.

Scrub the bolt and magazine with a solvent-soaked utility brush and then clean and dry all parts of the weapon with a cloth or patch, using the cleaning rod on the barrel as necessary. Apply a thin layer of oil to the pistol's bore and bolt and reassemble the weapon. Inspect ammunition for residue if it was removed from a dirty magazine and clean if necessary. Dirty ammunition decreases accuracy and reliability.

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