What Products Does Sportsman's Supply Company Sell?

What Products Does Sportsman's Supply Company Sell?

Sportsman's Supply Company sells a wide range of firearms, ammunition and gun accessories. It is an authorized Kimber firearms dealer, and keeps a large stock of Kimber firearms available for purchase, as of 2015.

Sportsman's Supply Company has a large stock of many other brands of firearms other than Kimber. The retailer also sells Ruger, Beretta and Remington, among others. It keeps a variety of guns (shotguns, rifles, handguns, muzzleloaders) and calibers in stock, and frequently makes new ones available.

Sportsman's Supply Company also sells all the equipment necessary to start casting bullets and muzzleloading, offering many options for various powders and unprimed brass cartridges. There are also many gun accessories for sale at Sportsman's Supply Company, including cases, scopes, lasers and straps.

Sportsman's Supply Company runs a sportsman's club that offers exclusive deals on firearms and other equipment. While there is an initial entry fee, the company gives away thousands of dollars in prizes every week to its members.

Sportsman's Supply Company has been in business for over 48 years and is located in Butler, Pennsylvania. It maintains a firm commitment to the community and supports many non-profit organizations, including the National Rifle Association, the Wounded Warrior Project and Boy Scouts of America.