What Are Some of the Products Made by Simpson Racing?

What Are Some of the Products Made by Simpson Racing?

Among the items Simpson Performance Products produces and sells in 2015 are head-and-neck restraints, helmets and drag-racing parachutes. Simpson also produces uniforms and fire suits for drivers and crew members.

Other items manufactured by Simpson include seats, steering wheels, gloves, shoes and child safety seats as well as underwear and non-racing apparel. Simpson produces products for drag, motorcycle, dirt, track, road and off-road racing.

Simpson's equipment has the approval of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile, auto racing's governing body, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, National Hot Rod Association and the SFI Foundation. The SFI Foundation sets and administers safety standards for auto-racing equipment.

Simpson received FIA approval in 2012 for its hybrid head-and-neck restraint and the first American "super helmet," the X-Bandit. The Simpson Hybrid Pro hand-and-neck restraint was approved for NASCAR competitions in 2011.

NASCAR drivers Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards are among the racers who have offered testimonials for Simpson products. Simpson is headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas, where it produces and tests many of its products. Its uniforms are produced in Harbor City, California, and its factory in Mooresville, North Carolina, serves NASCAR customers. The company's Simpson World retail stores are located at its three plants as well as in Brownsburg, Indiana. The stores are open weekdays but closed on Saturday and Sunday.