What Are the Prices of Daisy BB Gun Parts?

What Are the Prices of Daisy BB Gun Parts?

As of 2015, prices of Daisy BB gun replacement parts vary from $1.99 to over $9.45 depending on the part. However, these prices are not for Daisy-brand parts. Instead, they are for generic airsoft or BB gun parts that may fit some Daisy BB guns.

As of 2015, Daisy, a manufacturer of BB guns since 1886, does not advertise BB gun parts on its website. However, there are numerous websites, including Air Gun Warehouse, that do sell BB gun parts.

Several companies and repairmen, including Daisy Gun Works, Bryan and Associates and John Groenewold, specialize in repairing Daisy BB guns. These repair specialists get their parts from parts manufacturers or from parts guns, old guns salvaged for their parts.

Daisy guns have a one-year warranty from their date of purchase, and if a Daisy gun owner is looking for a part for a gun that is newer than that, the owner may be able to get necessary replacement parts and repairs for free under the terms of their warranty. Scopes are only warranted for 90 days after purchase.

Alternatively, Daisy BB gun owners may be able to call customer service to schedule a repair for their gun with missing parts.