What Is the Price of a Daisy Powerline 880?


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The Daisy Powerline 880 air rifle averages $40 to $50 at most retailers as of 2014. The Daisy 880 can shoot small ball bearings or pellets and features a multi-pump pneumatic action that increases its performance. It is made of hollow molded wood grain stock and a steel barrel.

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Daisy was originally formed in 1888 to manufacture windmills. As a sales promotion, the company provided air guns with purchases. The product was so popular the company began producing air guns full time. Daisy is known for novice level BB guns and air guns. BB guns are air guns that shoot spherical projectiles called BBs for shot pellets. The Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun is the company’s best known and longest production item and has been featured in many TV shows and movies since its introduction in the 1930s.

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