What Are Some Practice Drills for Girl's Softball?


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Some softball practice drills include running lap tosses, performing merry-go-round drills and doing the weave drill. These drills help condition players and increase their skills in hitting, pitching, throwing and fielding.

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In the running lap toss drill, players pair up and run laps while underhand-tossing a ball back and forth. This drill helps players practice their throwing and catching skills while increasing their overall fitness.

For the merry-go-round drill, two hitters bat or toss balls from the pitcher's mound. Two lines of fielders, one designated for each hitter, line up at home plate and second base. The hitters make a variety of hit types to keep the fielders moving and guessing. The first fielder in each line fields the ball, returns it to a bucket and then gets in the opposite line. As soon as the first fielder is clear, the hitter bats the next ball for the next person in line.

In the weave drill, a fielder fields balls tossed by a series of stationary tossers lined up from left field, then center field and then right field. After successfully fielding each ball, the fielder tosses it back to the tosser who threw it to her and runs toward the next tosser to field another ball. A line of fielders continuously runs through the tossing course.

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