How Do You Post a Score for the SCGA?

How Do You Post a Score for the SCGA?

Southern California Golf Association scores may be posted in-person at the course, online or through the Golf Handicap and Information Network mobile application. While members and nonmembers may post scores on-site, persons must be a member of a course that allows online reporting to post scores through the SCGA website.

Golfers using on-course touch screen monitors simply select Club Member Score Posting or Guest & IGN Score Posting and follow the prompts to post the results of their outing.

Members of clubs that allow online score posting simply access the Post A Score feature, accessible from the Handicap header, at the SCGA homepage and enter their GHIN number and last name. When the site recognizes the data, golfers are prompted to enter their information, and scores immediately become part of individual records.

Golfers who wish to post scores from their mobile device must open their Android or Apple app store and search for the GHIN mobile app. Once the app is accessed and a GHIN number and last name are provided, future logins are immediately recognized.

For online step-by-step instructions on using any of the three methods to post scores, golfers simply select the Click Here informational link just below the Post A Score feature at the SCGA home screen.