How Do You Post a Golf Score With SCGA?

There are three ways to post a golf score with SCGA, as of 2015. The first is to use a touch screen monitor on the course itself. The second is to submit a score online at The third is to use the GHIN mobile app. Some golf clubs only permit players to submit scores on the course, resulting in an error message if either other option is attempted.

To post a golf score using a touch screen monitor located on the golf course, first touch Club Member Posting, if a member of the club, or Guest & IGN Score Posting if not. Both prompt you to enter your GHIN number and then hit Next. The next screen allows users to select how many holes and which tees you played. Touching Next after filling in the required information allows you to input your Adjusted, or ESC, score. A final screen confirms all provided information, lastly select Next to officially submit the score.

Online score postings begin by accessing and scrolling down to the Post a Score box. Enter your GHIN number and last name in the spaces provided, then provide the date, number of holes and state of the course. The first letter of the course's name brings up a list of possible courses in the state selected, select the correct one. Finally, provide the tees used and the ESC score before clicking on the Post Score tab to make it official. It is not necessary to log into the site to post a score.

The mobile app recognises you after the first login, simply tap Post Score and provide the information requested to post the score. Favorite courses can be saved, and the course search function works well.