What Are Some Possible Questions on a Basketball Exam?

possible-questions-basketball-exam Credit: Chris Clor/Blend Images/Getty Images

Basketball exams commonly ask questions about the history, rules or terminology of the game, such as what year basketball was invented, when a jump ball ends, or what it's called when a player recovers the ball after a missed shot. Some questions might also relate to trivia or statistics.

Basketball exams are usually presented in either multiple choice or true-or-false format. The majority of the questions are rule related, including questions about scoring, allowable moves, fouls, substitutions, acceptable behavior on the court, or the right way to accessorize a team uniform. "When a team gains possession of the ball, how many seconds do they have to put up a shot?" is a good example of a rule-related question.

Terminology questions ask what a particular play or occurrence during the game is called. Examples of this type of question include, "What is it called when a player impedes the progress of an opponent by extending one or both arms horizontally?" or, "Which of the following terms are used to classify personal fouls in a basketball game?"

Questions about the history of basketball may ask about the origins of the game, such as dates or important events. Some questions may be more trivia related, such as, "What was the first object used as a hoop?"