What Is a Portable Ice Fishing Hut?

What Is a Portable Ice Fishing Hut?

A portable ice fishing hut is a temporary shelter used for protection from wind, cold and other weather elements. The hut goes directly on the ice over or near the hole used for fishing. Portable huts allow mobility if the angler wants to fish in another area.

Portable fishing huts consist of a frame with a plastic or fabric cover. The supports collapse when the hut is not in use. Others come in a pop-up style similar to a tent. Huts come in styles with and without floors.

Portable huts provide more flexibility than semi-permanent shed-style shelters that stay on the ice most of the winter. The portable units are removed from the ice each night. Users can easily fold up the unit at the end of a fishing session or to move to a new fishing location.

The temporary huts come in a variety of sizes. Some only provide enough space for one person to shelter from the weather. Others are large enough to hold up to eight people. The larger units also have enough space to include a heater for additional protection from the cold.

The warmer air inside a portable fishing hut makes ice fishing more comfortable for the fisherman. Wet fishing line is less likely to become icy, and the hole doesn't freeze over as easily due to the warmth. The fish also get protection from cold air that can cause damage, which is a concern for anglers who practice catch and release.