Who Are Some Popular Vintage Lady Wrestlers?


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Among the most popular classic female wrestlers are the Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young and Penny Banner. Both the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young still appeared and participated in World Wrestling Entertainment events well into their senior years, and are two of the eight female wrestling inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame, as of July 2015.

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In the 1950s, Banner wowed professional wrestling fans with drop kicks, sunset flips and the inside cradle. While such moves are typical staples of present-day wrestling matches, they were among the most exciting moves during Banner's era. Banner became the first ever American Wrestling Alliance female champion in 1961.

Young owns the distinction of being the only professional wrestler who saw action on top of the ring in nine different decades. She started her career as a professional wrestler in the late 1930s and participated well into the next century. Younger fans will perhaps best remember her for some of her recent WWE skits where Jeff Jarrett put her in a leg lock or when she "gave birth" to Mark Henry's child.

The Fabulous Moolah is easily one of the most recognizable names in women's professional wrestling. During her long wrestling career, her achievements included being the longest reigning women's wrestling champion in sports entertainment history and being the first female wrestler to wrestle at Madison Square Garden.

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