What Are Some Popular Videos of Women Boxing Men?

What Are Some Popular Videos of Women Boxing Men?

Ppopular videos of women boxing men are Agnese Boza vs. Kestutis Tervidas, Larissa Schroeder vs. Fernando Lemos, and Regina Halmich vs. Stefan Raab.The battle of the sexes has existed in nearly all parts of the world. Some women became famous boxers for knocking out a man. Others received their fame for finding the courage to be in the ring with a man.

Inter-gender fights regularly occur when boxers are practicing in their gyms. Alicia Ashley is a world-champion fighter who practices in Gleason’s Gym, Brooklyn and attests that during practice both genders are equal. However, in competition it is a different story because female professional fights are time restricted to 10 two-minute-long rounds: a total of 20 minutes.

Men can fight up to 12 three-minute-rounds, equivalent to thirty-six minutes. However, professional women fighters say that the shorter fight times are one of the many justifications that-boxing authorities use to pay them less.

When a male fights a female everyone loses because it is wrong for a man to fight a woman, Fox Sports suggests. The first mixed gender battle which took place in 1999 in Seattle triggered the comments by Fox Sports. In the fight Margaret McGregor, a 36-year old female professional boxer made history when she knocked out Loi Chow, male, in four rounds at Mercer Arena, Seattle. The fight was the pioneer sanctioned contest of its kind.

In Brazil, an amateur fighter, Larissa Schroeder, beat her male opponent Fernando Lemos on March 28, 2015. The one-round fight left Lemos' nose bleeding and Schroeder with an offer of $10,000 to make her a professional fighter.