What Are Some Popular Types of Outdoor Tents?

What Are Some Popular Types of Outdoor Tents?

Popular types of outdoor tents include A-frame tents, dome tents and cabin tents. Tents are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and tent type classifications vary depending on the manufacturer.

The A-frame tent gets its name from its appearance. These tents have material that drapes over a pole in the center to make the sides of the tent. They are small, lightweight and easy to set up, making them a common choice for Boy Scouts.

Dome tents have two flexible poles that cross over one another to form an "x" shape and serve as the frame of the tent. These tents have stakes in each corner to keep them secured to the ground. They're easy to move and available in a variety of sizes.

Cabin tents have vertical poles that hold the sides straight up. These tents tend to be heavy, but they offer more space than other tent types. Some cabin tents have multiple rooms.

Three-season tents have a lightweight design with mesh panels for ventilation. These tents are able to withstand mild weather conditions such as rain, making them a good choice for spring, summer and fall. Extended-season tents are warmer and more durable. Four-season tents are the most durable, as they are designed to handle harsh weather conditions during any season.