What Are the Most Popular Types of Martial Arts?


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Karate and Judo are two of the most popular types of Japanese martial arts, according to About.com. The most popular of the Korean martial arts are Taekwondo and Hapkido, states KoreaOrbit.com.

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What Are the Most Popular Types of Martial Arts?
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There are hundreds of different types of martial arts, reports Encyclopedia.com. They can be broken down into several major categories or schools, including karate, kung fu, aikido, judo, t’ai chi and jujitsu. Some additional martial arts styles used in UFC fighting include boxing, jeet kune do, kyokushin karate, muay thai, sanshou and tae kwon do, says UFC.com.

Martial arts can also be categorized by style. Styles include striking or stand-up, grappling or ground fighting, throwing or takedown, weapons-based, and low-impact or meditative styles. There are also hybrid martial arts styles, such as mixed martial arts, or MMA.

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