What Are Some Popular Products on Outlet Bait & Tackle?


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Some of the most-popular items on the Outlet Bait & Tackle website as of the summer of 2015 include soft fishing lures, crank baits, jig heads, spinner baits and umbrella rigs. The soft fishing lures are the most-numerous of the best-selling items.

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The soft fishing lures are the most fish-like of lures and are available in different sizes and colors such as chartreuse green, pearl black, and salt and pepper. The lures are hand-painted, have raised gills and scales, and shimmy and jerk in a way that makes them look very realistic. They are available in sizes from 3.5 inches to 8.25 inches to use for different types of fish. Crank baits available are a type of jerk bait that create a certain frequency in the water to attract fish. Spinner baits available rotate while in the water, creating flashes that lure in fish.

Other bestselling items aside from lures include jig head hooks designed to work with soft fishing lures to create a perfect balance in the water to hook bigger fish. Umbrella rigs are also popular items, available in three- and five-arm options. These rigs are castable, and with fishing lures attached, they are meant to mimic a small school of fish swimming together to enhance the temptation of the bait.

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