What Are Some Popular NCAA Mascots?


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Some popular NCAA mascots include the Penn State Nittany Lion, Otto the Orange of Syracuse University and Michigan State's Sparty. Mascots entertain audiences and get people excited during sporting events.

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The Penn State Nittany Lion came about when one of the school's baseball players saw a statue of a Bengal tiger on the Princeton campus. The player, Harrison D. Mason, immediately came up with the idea of the Nittany Lion, a mountain lion that could supposedly overcome Princeton's fierce tiger.

Otto the Orange debuted after Syracuse University used several different mascots. The first mascot was the Saltine Warrior, a character modeled after an Onondagan chief whose remains were supposedly found during an excavation project on the school's grounds. Members of an on-campus Native American organization protested, with one student calling the mascot's behavior "derogatory." The school decided to stop using the Saltine Warrior as a mascot in the 1970s, but Otto was not named the official mascot until 1995.

Michigan State's Sparty first appeared in 1989. The costume features a vinyl breastplate, Spartan helmet and bulging muscles. The face also has a prominent chin. Students who dress up as Sparty must be between 5 foot 10 and 6 foot 2 inches tall because the costume is 7 feet high.

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