What Are Some Popular Graphics for Customizing a Skateboard?


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Some popular graphics for customizing a skateboard include animal-themed artwork, pop-culture subject matter and sports-related imagery. Other popular options are skate-related sayings and memes and abstract designs characterized by vibrant colors and geometric patterns.

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Some well-liked works comically capture the savagery of nature, such as the Bear vs. Shark deck design by Cale Cathey and the aquatic themes of Fakir Design, which turn fish into sushi. In the pop culture category, Digital Oatmeal subverts Homer Simpson into a decidedly more punked-out version, complete with a "D'oh" tattoo. Some skateboards celebrate sports with images such as soccer balls and surfing scenarios. Many boards aggressively promote the skater lifestyle, echoing favorite sentiments and popular phrases such as "Skate or Die," "Skateboarding is Not a Crime" and "Less Work, More Skate."

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