What Are Some Popular Cheerleading Cheers, Chants and Songs?


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Some popular cheers are those spelling out the name of the team, using the school's initials, incorporating the mascot or involving rhymes such as, "T-I-G-E-R-S, that's our name, we're the best!" Popular chants are usually two to four lines long and repeated with the audience, such as, "Come on crowd, yell it loud, Central High!" School fight songs are often used to fire up crowds, as are recorded songs such as "Timber" by Pitbull or "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

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Cheers often serve specific purposes, such as a "Hello" cheer to introduce the cheerleading squad. Cheerleaders can keep the crowd involved and fired up during breaks in the action with a "Team Spirit" cheer. Cheers can be used to celebrate when a team is doing well or give them support when they're behind. Cheers may also include hand motions, dance moves, building pyramids and stunts. There are also specialized cheers for individual sports such as football or basketball.

Chants may be used during a brief timeout or break when there may not be time for a full cheerleading routine. They are appropriate for specific situations, such as when the team needs to take the ball back, make a basket or goal, or stop the other team from scoring, such as the chant, "Defense! Defense!" followed by a rhythmic foot stomp by the crowd.

Songs are often incorporated in pep rallies and during halftime shows. Recorded music lends itself to choreographed routines.

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