What Are Some Popular Cheerleading Cheers, Chants and Motions?

Some popular cheerleading cheers and chants include "Go! Fight! Win!" and asking the crowd to spell out the word "victory." Motions specific to cheerleading include arm positions such as the V, bow and arrow and touchdown.

Cheerleaders perform for the crowd with specific chants that inspire their home team to be the best, fight for victory or attack the opponent. Chants also include poking fun at the opposing team as well as comparing one team's abilities to those of the opponent.

Cheerleaders engage the crowd, using a call-and-answer-style cheer, asking the crowd to follow the cheerleaders' directions and call out certain phrases. The structure of a call-and-answer cheer is usually, "When we say, you say." Competitive cheerleading routines include both styles of cheers, often with props, to showcase the cheerleading team's ability to engage fans.

Cheerleading routines are a combination of motions, some of which include high and low V, touchdown and right and left bow and arrow. These types of arm motions are rigid, and cheerleaders hold them for a specific period of time to ensure everyone sitting in the bleachers can see the routine. This style also allows cheerleaders to hold them for extended periods of time without tiring.