What Are Pocket Street Bikes?


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Pocket bikes are a type of motorcycle that is smaller in size and power than normal motorcycles but still can be legally ridden on public roads. In order to be street legal, pocket bikes must have a seat that is at least 25 inches off the ground. Pocket street bikes typically have two-cycles engines which boast excellent power compared to their small size and weight. Pocket street bikes also usually use normal gasoline fuel to run.

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In order to be considered street legal, pocket, or miniature, bikes must also have all necessary equipment to be ridden legally with other vehicles. Some of this equipment includes a turn indicator and rear view mirrors. Street legal pocket bikes must also be able to monitor their speed, typically via a speedometer, and have an audible horn to communicate with other drivers and vehicles on the road.

Pocket street bikes can be divided into several different categories including super pocket bikes, some models of mini choppers and some models of quad bikes. Super pocket bikes are larger than more typical pocket bikes, which usually makes them large enough to be street legal. Mini choppers share the same body type as regular choppers but are smaller and have the powerful yet small lightweight two-cycle engines. Quad bikes have most of the attributes of other pocket street bikes but also have an additional pair of wheels.

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