How Do You Play Volleyball?

Play volleyball by setting up the volleyball court, gathering two teams of an equal number of players, scoring points and attempting to win the game or match. These directions pertain to general volleyball, and the rules vary for other versions of the sport, including indoor volleyball and beach volleyball.

  1. Set up the volleyball court

    For this sport, you need a volleyball net that measures 40 inches in width and a volleyball. A regulation volleyball court measures 30 feet in width and 60 feet in length. Set up the volleyball net in the middle of the court to cut the length of the court in half. The top of the net should reach 8 feet high.

  2. Gather the teams

    Volleyball teams consist of six to eight players. The two teams must have an equal number of players.

  3. Score points

    Teams can score a point by winning a rally. Teams have up to three hits to return a ball or they lose the rally. A team can also win a rally if the opposing team hits the ball out of bounds, cannot return the ball or commits a fault.

  4. Attempt to win the game

    The team that scores 25 points first and is leading by at least two points, wins. To win a match, teams must win the best of five games.