How Do You Play "Sports Heads: Basketball"?

How Do You Play "Sports Heads: Basketball"?

To play "Sports Heads: Basketball," use the arrow keys to control the character's movement and the space bar to kick. Combine movement and kicks to shoot the ball into your opponent's basket. The game is available on, as of 2015.

Visit the homepage, and click on A-Z Games. On the drop-down menu that appears, click on "Sports Heads: Basketball." Click on Play Game.

The game begins with an Instructions screen. Click on Play to open the main menu. To play against the computer, click on New Game or Continue Game if you have played the game previously. For a two-player game, click on 2 Player. In two-player games, each player controls a character using the keyboard.

The left and right arrow keys move the character in that direction. The up arrow key makes the character jump. The game begins with the tip off, where the basketball drops to the floor. After each made basket, the game resumes with another tip off.

Baskets are worth two or three points, depending on the character's distance from the basket when shooting. Timed games and first-to-15 games are available. In timed games, the player who scores the most points within the time limit wins. In first-to-15 games, the first player to score 15 points wins.

The game has power-up icons that activate when the ball touches them. The character who touched the ball last determines who receives the power up.