How Do You Play Nassau Golf?


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A Nassau golf match consists of three separate games or bets within one 18-hole round. The front nine make up the first match, the back nine make up the second, and the cumulative 18-hole score is the third.

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  1. Draw teams, and set wager amounts

    Nassau golf is typically a match-play contest with a one vs. one or two teams of two format. After selecting teams, players must set wagers for each match. The wagering is typically uniform for each match. The most common scale is the 2-2-2 or $2 wagers for the front nine, back nine and cumulative 18-hole matches.

  2. Set the rules of the match

    Establish the scoring format of the Nassau golf match. Although match play is the most common, a scramble, best ball, alternate shot or stroke play format is acceptable. Once the format is agreed upon by all players, determine if full handicaps, partial handicaps or no handicaps apply to the scores.

  3. Press the bet

    A two-dollar Nassau awards $2 to the winner of the front 9, $2 to the winner of the back nine and $2 to the winner of the 18-hole match. During the course of play, the trailing player or team may “press” the wager. The press starts a new bet from the hole at which the press is accepted. The player or team offered the press may reject the additional wager; however, automatic presses are standard if a team loses consecutive holes.

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