How Do You Play Horseshoes?


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Horseshoes is played by throwing stylized horseshoes at a stake planted in a material meant to prevent excessive bouncing. A player earns points by throwing shoes closer to the stake than his opponent.

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A horseshoes court should consist of two stakes, 40 feet apart. Each player must stand behind the foul line, which is three feet from the stake. Children and beginners are often allowed to move up an additional ten feet..

Game play is conducted by each player throwing two shoes at a time. In teams games, each member throws at opposing stakes. The player with the shoe closest to the stake earns one point. If two of one player's shoes are closer to the stake than any of his opponent's, the player gets two points.

A player whose shoe goes around the stake earns three points, unless his opponent's shoe also goes around the stake, in which case neither earns a point. Any shoe leaning against the stake earns a point and is considered the closest to the stake unless a shoe goes around the stake.

In the event of a tie while playing a shoe-limit game, the players may choose to take a half-win each or to play a two-inning tiebreaker.

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