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In simplest terms, golf involves hitting a ball into a hole in as few strokes as possible from a long distance. Golf is played on courses with nine or 18 holes, and each player starts off several hundred yards from the hole, which is marked with a flag.

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Each hole on a golf course has an expected number of strokes to make the shot, also known as par. The object of the game is to use as few strokes as possible, so the player with the lowest score wins. Play starts at the tee. The player uses one of a selection of 14 clubs, usually the driver or 3 wood, to get the ball as far as possible. Clubs range from the driver to wooden clubs to iron clubs to wedges, and they are designed to provide varying angles to the shot for different values of distance and loft.

Each hole on a golf course has the teeing area, which is the starting point; the fairway, which has slightly less mowed grass and is the main play area; the rough, which is more unkempt; and the green, which is the putting area around the hole. Also present are impediments such as sand traps and water hazards designed to challenge players.

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