How Do You Play the Game Shuffleboard?


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Shuffleboard is a game played by two (singles) or four persons (doubles) who push disks from one end of the court to the other. The first person or team to reach 75 points wins.

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How Do You Play the Game Shuffleboard?
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  1. Slide the disk into the scoring area

    Players take turns using a metal, two-pronged brace called a cue to propel a disk from one end of the 52-foot court to the other end. The disk is launched from lines drawn 6.5 feet from each end, called the baselines, and must land in the scoring triangle at the opposite end, which is divided into 7-, 8- and 10-point spaces.

  2. Total the value of landing spaces

    Scoring takes place after all eight disks have been played and the values of their underlying spaces are totaled. A disk that doesn't reach the scoring zone at the other end or that tips off the court is eliminated. Points are deducted for disks landing in the 10-off area behind the 7-point zones or for disks landing on a line. It is permissible to displace an opponent's disk from a scoring area, in which case the opponent loses those points. A disk that lands on top of another is still awarded those points.

  3. Accumulate 75 points to win

    The first player or team to accumulate 75 points is declared the winner at the conclusion of that round of play.

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