How Do You Play Field Hockey?


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Field hockey is a stick and ball game where competing teams use hooked sticks to score goals by getting the ball past the other teams goalie. The game is generally played on grass or synthetic surface fields.

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Field hockey's origins as a sport date back over 1000 years. The two opposing teams comprise of 11 players active on the field at one time, and five substitutes to replace those who are tired or need a break. At any given time, there will be one goalie or goalkeeper on the field and 10 field players who can be classified as attackers, midfielders or defensemen. The players use the hooked hockey sticks to pass, dribble and shoot the ball with the object of getting it past the opposing teams goalkeeper to score a goal. The use of hands to handle the ball is prohibited, except for the goalkeeper, who may defend their circle.

Regulation field hockey matches are played for 70 minutes, consisting of two 35 minute halves. The team that has the most goals at the end of 70 minutes is considered the winner. There is the possibility of the game ending in a draw. In certain matches, such as championship games, matches that end in a draw will go into extra time where the winner will be determined by the first team to score a goal.

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